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Absentee Bids

We execute all absentee bids fairly. During the auction, before an item is sold that has an absentee bid, an announcement is made. An agent of the auction service then acts on behalf of the absentee bidder to bid on the item as if the absentee bidder was present at the sale.

All sales at our auction are final. This includes all absentee bids placed with or without personal inspection of the item (s).

We highly recommend viewing the item (s) before placing an absentee bid.

Before an absentee bid is accepted we will call to verify bidder and payment information.

By bidding, you agree to the following terms:

1.  All terms stated in auction terms apply to absentee bidding.

2.  All sales are final

3.  In the case of a large absentee bid, a deposit may be required.

     This is up to the sole discretion of Chuilli's Auction Service, LLC.

4.  Payment for an absentee bid must be received before the shipping. The buyer pays shipping costs.

      For out of state buyers, payment must be in the form of a money order or cashier's check..

5.  Chuilli's Auction Service, LLC is not held liable for any errors in condition stated about any items.

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